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Not for the faint of heart

All dreams come with a little sacrifice right? Ours just happens to come in the form of only having 14 days to move into a less than pristine condition place.

But as the song says "The bones are good"

I was lucky enough to be taught growing up that sometimes you have to look beyond the surface to see someone or somethings true value. In this case beyond the wallpaper, the carpet, the really rusty cabinets, and the water damaged ceilings. Oh, and did I mention the bathrooms??

Behind Door number 1 is a teeny tiny shower with a shower head that is two feet too short. (Guess we will just skip washing from the neck up?)

Behind Door number 2 is a rusted bath tub with and even rustier toilet, add a sprinkle of cracked walls and pinch of faux pink tile and boom you have the upstairs bathroom.

But apparently my kids inherited my abilities to see beyond what's in front of them because they say the place is "Beautiful" and I plan to spend every moment possible making it into just that. Beautiful.

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