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We are home!!!

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Four offers and five months later, We are home.

According to Websters Dictionary home is the place where one lives permanently.

We are beyond thrilled to say we have found a place to permanently live. The place where our children will grow up. Where all our future memories will be made. Where tears will be shed, laughter will be abundant, and every "Lee Girl" will have a closet, lots and lots of closets.

It wasn't an easy road.

We first looked at the "Stetson House" in July of 2020. I was like a kid in a candy store. The large bedrooms, the built-ins, the kitchen to dining room pass-through, the AMAZING back porch, and a summer kitchen all on 5.5 acres. I could barely contain my squeals. In fact I believe I was told more than once that I needed to "quiet down" by the hubs #sorrynotsorry

I knew instantly that I wanted, scratch that...NEEDED this house. It was "the dream."

A historical home with an office for me, a bedroom for each of the girls, basement for the hubs, and my own property to photograph.

I won't lie though.

I'm not a risk taker by nature. And this place looked like one... GIGANTIC.... risk....

Which caused a bit of hesitation. Can we really pull this of?! Are we NUTS?!?

After numerous conversations between family members we decided this was a calculated risk we were willing to take.

Over the course of a month we got pre-approved for the loan and made 3 separate offers. Unfortunately it just felt like nothing was going our way. Every step was hard. Responses were taking weeks, offers were being left unanswered for days and then ultimately declined.

It was heart-wrenching.

At the end of our third offer the response was "We have accepted another offer"

I was crushed.

Every day I would drive my kids to school and say "This is suppose to be my house. I just know we are supposed to live there." My poor realtor had to hear from me monthly asking if she had heard anything new about the house.

1 month went by and the house was still there. Then 2 months and 3, still there.. I told myself I had to let it go.? Then 4 months later and it happens...

It was a Tuesday Morning...

I get a text from our Realtor, Natasha Johns. "OMG." That's all. Just "O.M.G" then the phone rings. It's Natasha. She says she just got word that the deal fell through and the house is about to be back on the market!!

I should have been celebrating but instead pure panic set in. I looked around and my house was a complete disaster, not at all ready to be put on the market. Our pre-approval letter had expired and our bank is CLOSING. We would be starting from scratch again and I still hadn't even recovered from the last go round.

BUT the next day we went to see the house again. I instantly remembered why I was willing to take such a big risk.

We put the offer in on Thursday with 24 hours to respond. LONGEST 24 HOURS EVER.

TGIF... (Thank God it's Friday)

Friday Morning. 10:30 a.m. Offer: ACCEPTED!!!!

Friday 11:30 a.m. Sign the paperwork to put our house up for sale

Friday 3:30 p.m. Our home is officially on the market!!

Friday 7:00 p.m. First offer comes in without even seeing our home in person (Say what?!)

Saturday 5:00 p.m. Second offer comes in. All Cash. No Inspections. (Say what, again?!?)

Saturday 7:45 p.m. Cash buyer ACCEPTS our counter offer!!!!

Within 24 hours we had an accepted offer on "The Stetson House" and an accepted offer on our current home!!

I had to stop several times to ask myself if this was all just too good to be true??

But here we are. Less than 30 days later and we have closed on both homes just in time to celebrate Christmas in our new home! I have always believed everything happens for a reason. I will never truly know what the reason for that 4 month delay was. I know I am now exactly where I am supposed to be.

And so very very thankful to be here.

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