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It's me.

Kara Lee


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Meet the Artist

I'm so excited you found your way here!

Hey, I'm Kara. Owner and Photographer here at Nostalgic by Kara Lee.

Have you ever had an idea that you just really believe in? When you feel drawn to something and you just can't shake it? Well I did. And here it is. My vision come to life. 

I hope you love it.


Nostalgic -  to long for a past time

What's in a Name?

I know what you're thinking. Nostalgic, that's an "interesting" choice

Guys it literally hit me like a bolt of lighting.

As some of you may know we were formally Tin and Type Photography LLC

A name that has been extremely good to us. It helped me form my first brand, my first style, my first clients.


However sometimes you just need to change in order to grow.

So I took a big Leap. A chance. Had Faith.

They say to create a successful brand you have to be willing to explore what separates you from everyone else. 

Well I had just purchased a floral print couch from the 70's off Facebook Marketplace for $25. I thought to myself who does that?


Me. the answer is me.

If you came to my house you would find all sorts "treasures". From antique typewriters, to tintypes from the early 1900's, rotary phones of different colors, with Wizard of Oz Memorabilia, and afghan blankets, lots and lots of afghan blankets. I even have this cute little clown painting. I don't even like clowns. But what can I say, it spoke to me. 

So I ask myself again? Why?


I can't help myself. I'm Nostalgic.

Wow. Wait a second. Nostalgic.

Can someone so complicated really be summed up in one word?

So I decided to look up the definition.

nostalgic- adj- to long for a past time


The rest will be history


I hope you will  join me on this new journey.

Who knows what adventures we might take. 

What clients are saying


Our experience with Kara was outstanding. From beginning to end, she was so fun and so easy to work with! The photo shoot went fantastic and her and her mom made it so much fun and stress-free. Our sneak peak was ready the next day and our gallery was available shortly after— super quick!! (which is nice for those of us who are impatient and excited to get them back!!) The pictures ended up being absolutely beautiful and looked like something you would see in a magazine! Absolutely recommend for all your photography needs!!

-Griffan True

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