You've always had the power my dear,
you just Had to learn it for yourself
Wizard of Oz


Hey,  it's me


Call me the queen of observation
A dreamer who enjoys the simple things in life
deeply rooted in my hometown
Give me a good song and a camera and I'll
create the kind of images you feel in your soul


i'm kara lee

nice to meet you!


Rich and Dreamy

[emotionally\  driven] 


What's in a Name?

I know what you're thinking. Nostalgic, that's an "interesting" choice

Guys it literally hit me like a bolt of lighting.

So I took a big Leap. A chance. Had Faith.

They say to create a successful brand you have to be willing to explore what separates you from everyone else. 
Well I had just purchased a floral print couch from the 70's off Facebook Marketplace for $25. I thought to myself who does that?
Me. the answer is me.

If you came to my house you would find all sorts "treasures". From antique typewriters, to tintypes from the early 1900's, rotary phones of different colors, and Wizard of Oz Memorabilia.

So I ask myself again? Why?
I can't help myself. I'm Nostalgic.

Wow. Wait a second. Nostalgic.
Can someone so complicated really be summed up in one word?
So I decided to look up the definition.

nostalgic- adj- to long for a past time


the rest will be history


The Blog


Kind Words


Kara always does such an amazing job capturing our family and manages to turn our chaos into stunning images that look effortless. Her style and editing skills are hard to come by, I recommend snagging any slots she has available! We will forever be using her for any of our photography needs
-Amanda Elkins

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