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Hey y'all

It's Kara Lee

Girl Mom· Flea Marketer · OLD SOUL

Born and raised in Southern Indiana. I have deep roots in my home town of Orleans. I have a huge love for historic homes and interior design. The need for a permanent place to call home lead our family of 5 to take our biggest leap yet and purchase an 1894 Farmhouse known locally as "The Stetson House"

I've made it my mission to combine my love of home and photography by providing you private custom locations that create the perfect safe place for the creativity to flow. That simply sweet feeling of home.


Home is wherever I'm with you


wizard of oz


Old Soul

dog lover

90's country

flower power



folk pop


Crazy chicken lady

Words to describe


the Beatles

small town girl

Girl Mom



visual story teller


What's my shooting style?

Some of my favorite photos are those when clients are not looking at the camera but in a genuine moment with those they love most. I love a sweet profile of a child's face or capturing a mother’s smile at the exact moment her kids kiss her cheeks. We know you also want those perfect everyone looking and smiling at the camera photos so we never miss an opportunity to say "cheese"


I like to use the words rich and dreamy when describing my editing style. I like my colors deep but with a creaminess that makes my images feel like an absolute dream. I strive for my client’s eyes to be tack sharp but with a richly blurred background. If you are hoping to see every detail in the background of your image, I’m probably not your girl. I love images that highlight the person in them. If you want to see and feel every tiny detail of your child’s beautiful eyes, then you have arrived at the perfect place! Have an unwanted pimple, birthmark, or blemish? No problem. I smooth the skin in every image I deliver to give you that perfect understated glow.


When it comes to galleries I prefer to keep them smaller. Most Galleries are between 30-50 images. I have always been a firm believer in quality over quantity in almost everything in life. I spend a great deal of time doing the heavy lifting for you by picking out the perfect images for your gallery. 


Photography is my safe place, where I don’t think, I just do. I hope when you come here it can be that for you too.

A safe place where your family can just be themselves.

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