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A room for Christmas...

Moving the week of Christmas is... INSANE.

There's just no delicate way to put it. Wrapped presents being secretly transported, fully decorated Christmas Tree riding in the back of the U-haul, and making sure the Elf on the shelf gets the memo you're moving.

Which she did by the way.

But all I really wanted for Christmas was a room for us to celebrate Christmas as a family.

So what did I do? I made it happen. That's what Mom's do right?! I spent 3 solid days hand scrubbing every square inch of the walls. The husband got boards to cover the termite damage (story for another day) I went to Lowe's at 7:00 am and got a gigantic rug.

And I finally ended my day back in Bedford at the Living Room Center 1 hour before closing where I picked out a love seat and couch in 2.2 seconds.

By some Christmas miracle they were able to deliver my new furniture the next day.

One day before Christmas Eve.

I am happy to report we were able to get the room ready just in time for Christmas.

And we had the best time.


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