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A tub for me...

We are in the midst of a complete bathroom reno.

Sounds fun right?!


Let's be real. It's only really fun when watching it on HGTV.

But you know what is fun?!

Searching and finding a clawfoot tub that is the exact right size to fit in your space!

My Facebook Market Place has been getting entirely too good at recommending things I would like!

This beauty popped up only a 20 minute drive from me and at a great price!

It arrived in the dead of night...

Well sorta. The hubs had to go after work which translates to after dark. I wasn't there for the big first meeting but I hear it was an experience.

For anyone who doesn't know cast iron tubs are suuuuuuuper heavy. After trying to pick up one side and only lifting it about a centimeter off the ground we made the executive decision to bring it inside in the morning.

When there could be help... and a dolly...

Did I forget to mention the bathroom is upstairs???

That may add a minor layer of difficulty for most but not for these guys.

Ahhhh, Logan's face says it all.

But here comes an actual fun part...

Shining it up and giving it a whole new life!

It all started with some serious scrubbing. Like two whole bottles worth of scrubbing.

After a really thorough cleaning we had to decide what color the tub was going to be





It was decided.


Pink shall be the perfect color.

So here she is. All made over. The pink lady.

And I think she is an absolute beaut! Her non-clawed feet and all 🤎

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I love the color you picked for the tub. It’s perfect.

Me gusta
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