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Boy have we have been busy...

Let me start by saying I know this is waaaayyy over due! But life usually has it's own timeline and I think we are all just doing our best to keep up. With that being said I'd love to catch you up!

First, we have a finished coop and our hens have just started laying the most beautiful eggs! Be on the look out for a future post all about my plans for both the coop and their farm fresh eggs!

Second, we have an entire new HVAC system with natural gas heating and central air! This is a HUGE accomplishment. In 127 years this house has NEVER had central air or natural gas. In fact if you happened to drive by over the last few months and probably saw the pile of dirt in the front yard. That's from having a natural gas line installed to the property for the very first time.

Third, my hubby installed new pex pipe water lines into the entire home. If any of you live or have lived in an older home you know that those old water lines are just full of rust and other debris. So I am thankful to have clean and clear drinking water!

Next, Scraping of the garage/barn has begun. We would have liked to paint this year but to be honest we are all so busy working on the inside we haven't had the time to devote that I would have liked.

Bush hogging the field. Thankfully my brother was able to cut back a portion of the side property while still leaving a large portion for my photography sessions! The hens are loving all the grass and greens while they are free ranging!

Did I mention we got a new mower? 5 acres is more than what our current riding mower could handle so an upgrade was essential.

But the real big news is...

We have finished a room from top to bottom!! I'm talking removing all the wallpaper, installing new drywall, mudding, removing the radiator, sanding, refinishing the floor, painting (a few times), and adding all those finishing touches.

So stay tuned for the Rose Room Reveal...

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