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Chicken Update!!!

It's been almost 3 1/2 weeks since the arrival of our Chickies.

And we officially have...duh duh duh...


Let me just start by saying this age makes for some really funny looking chickens.

Half Down Half Feathers is not the cutest look.

But I seriously can't believe how fast they are growing!

I so excited to introduce you guys to the Sassy Seven!

But first for those of you who watched the prior chicken video you know we started with 8 chicks. Sadly we lost one chick within 48 hours. She was my absolute favorite but I could also tell that something wasn't quite right with her from the start. She chirped non-stop unless I was holding her and seemed as if she was blind. The other chicks never really accepted her. Her name was Moon and she was the absolute sweetest.

On a lighter note the seven chicks we have are doing sooo well!

Meet the Sassy Seven

Rory- The Lavender Orpington

Paris- Blue Copper Maran

Silver- Blue Copper Maran

Olive- The Olive Egger

Lil Fuzz- The Olive Egger

Peach- Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

Daisy- Blue Lace Red Wyandotte

Chicken names explained...

Lilah named 2 of them.

She is on a serious Gilmore Girls kick so she named one Rory and one Paris.

Stella is a self proclaimed gamer girl and decided to name one Peach and one Daisy. After two different Nintendo Princesses.

Emmeline named the smallest chick Lil Fuzz. I honestly don't know why or how but Stella starting calling Emmeline Lil Fuzz about two years ago and Emmeline wanted the littlest chick to be like her.

That leaves Silver and Olive. I named both of these. Olive because she is an Olive Egger and Silver because of her Silver Feathers.

Hope you enjoyed our chick update! And the video below!

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