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It's chick day!!!

This all started a few weeks ago when my brother some how convinced me that I needed chickens in my life. Since then I have been studying the Meyer Hatchery Magazine day and night trying to decide the ABSOLUTE BEST CHICKS possible to fit our family.

They needed to be

Kid Friendly ☑️

Calm ☑️

All of similar size ☑️

Awesome Feather Patterns ☑️

Different enough we could tell them apart ☑️

And lay a variety of colored eggs ☑️

This took me 3 days of loading and unloading my cart to settle on

2 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

2 Blue Copper Marans

2 Olive Eggers

1 Lavender Orpington

1 Blue Orpington

The best part about all this?

The one day old chicks come shipped, right to you from Meyer Hatchery in Polk, Ohio.

You know how everyone loves getting mail?

Well believe me when I say nothing can prepare you for the sheer joy of getting chicks in the mail....

I captured a little bit of our journey below for those of you who would like to watch!

Happy Chick Day!!! 🐥

Let us know if you would like to have future updates on our chicks by commenting below🤎

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