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Moody Bathroom?! Yes please.

Let's start with the facts. Our home currently has two small bathrooms. One upstairs and one downstairs. We have been showering downstairs in the tiniest shower I have ever seen.

Let's paint you a picture. Imagine the showers you use at the public pool, now imagine it's half the size of a public bathroom stall, and the ceiling is so low that the shower head hits your head. Can you see it? I know I can, it's burnt in my brain.

It's funny though, the things you can get used to. I remember the first week we were here I thought "I can't shower in this for one more day." But here we are, 8 months later and I have showered there every day since. In truth I'm really just thankful we had a functioning bathroom at all.

Enough about all that... Why I am really here is to reveal that we have a completely remodeled upstairs bathroom!!!

I think it's best to start with reminding everyone what the bathroom looked like...

Peachy, I say. Believe it or not there are some things in here I saved. The biggest was the mirror. I can't wait for you guys to see her shine again, so be ready.

I admit I wasn't the best at photographing the process. But I did take some snap shots, and short video clips with my phone so make sure to press play on these little video clips!

When I watch these I think back on when we first looked at this house my husband thought I had lost my mind. He may still think that some days but he is working every day on this dream of ours anyway.

We took the walls down completely to the lathes. Which meant Logan had to do new drywall, plumbing, water lines, toilet, tub, shower, vanity, faucet, lighting, luan boards and flooring.

and well I handed screws... 🔩

But with some time, a whole lot of work, and help from family I'd like to reveal to you our 2nd finished room 👏👏👏👏👏

We chose pink for the clawfoot tub, wood, gold and silver for the accents, and a dark rich blue for the walls.

It's dark, It's moody,

and I truly couldn't love it more 🤍

What'd I tell you about that mirror?! She really does shine doesn't she?


Kara Lee

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