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Moving is for the birds...

Have you moved in the last year? If the answer is yes then the memory of the pure chaos of it all has probably been seared into your brain.

I remember the first time we moved. I was a newlywed and owned nothing but a few wedding gifts, senior prom memorabilia, and my childhood bed.

It was fun, exciting, I painted my house like a box of crayons. It was good times.

The second time we moved it was only two houses down from our current home. My best friend and I literally walked my king size mattress from one house to the other. We had two girls by then and I had a lot more stuff but coming from a small home it wasn't too overwhelming.

Fast forward 6 years. We have had 6 solid years to accumulate an entire full basement of my husband's retro gaming collection. 6 years for me to collect 8 typewriters, 37 afghan blankets, 9 antique cameras, 10 chairs, 2 vintage radios, and one extremely large buffet.

We have 3 girls now. 3 girls each with a twin size bed, backpacks from the last 3 years, clothes from the last 10 years, and lots and lots of shoes.

It looked like this. In 3 different rooms. With only 14 days to move we have spent every minute of the last 12 days trying to both move all our belongings and improve the house enough to function.

I am so so thankful my family took some vacation to help us.

There is still lots and lots of unpacking to do but we have managed to get things down to a tolerable amount of chaos.

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1 Comment

I am so excited to see what you do with this beautiful old home.

It deserves to be lived in and loved once again.

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