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Stella and Luna's Cat's M E O W

Let me start with saying I'm an entire month behind on sharing this. BUT it's Fall/Winter (a photographer's dream and nightmare all rolled into one) so I need a little grace with this one! With that being said I can't wait to show you guys Stella's new room!!!

Like last time I think it's best to start with where we began. The two rooms we started with were in the worst shape. Both had quite a bit of water damage around the chimney and even some below the windows in this room.

Stella's room was the absolute worst with the revolving door of wasps coming in. I'm talking 30-40 wasps a day. I am happy to report that with the room remodeled and some steel wool put in every window we have yet to see a wasp trying to winter. Fingers crossed they will shelter else where this year!

Like every other room the first thing to go is the wallpaper. Which is honestly kinda sad because I actually love wallpaper. Unfortunately the wallpaper here is just not salvageable.

I know everyone loves some exposed brick, but exposing said brick is a tedious process. You must remove all the plaster without damaging the brick or mortar. With Lilah's room we decided to seal her brick with a water based poly but with Stella's room we decided on painting.

I truly love both...but you be the judge... let me know if you are "team painted" or "team natural" down in the comments!

I unfortunately did not do the best job capturing the drywall and mudding process this time. I also missed a supreme photo opp of Logan and I on our hands and knees hand sanding the floors in the dark to try and get Stella her room by her Birthday. But here are a few cell phone photos of the new drywalled ceiling, painting the ceiling an awesome pink color named "magic potion" and getting ready to stain the already sanded floors...

Speaking of floors...

I am super proud of my staining and poly skills. I may have killed several brain cells polying the floor but man does she shine...

I left the sound of the fan just to give you guys the full experience... You're Welcome...

As you can see we chose a very light pink for the walls, a darker pink for the ceiling and I looove it, it just gives this super cozy vibe.

Some of you may wonder how I come up with the style and all around vibe for these rooms. So I am going to let you in on my process. The first thing I decide is a color palette. For Stella's Room I based the entire color palette off of a few photos I had taken of her and our Luna Kitty.

Then I pick a theme. I base this 100% on whom the room is for. For Stella I knew she needed three things, the color pink, cats, and fun. Next I make a Pinterest board of anything that gives me the feeling of what I want the room to feel like... It's all about the feelings ya know...

And this is the room we created....

Introducing Stella and Luna's Cats M E O W

I focused on using pinks, blues, golds, and natural elements to ground the space. The velvet curtains are the exact color and material as the head band in her photo with Luna, her vanity seat is covered in a blue jean material, like her outfit, and the various pinks like the hat from her photo.

I am on a serious gold kick right now and am obsessed with this gold modern 8 light chandelier. I painted a pink faux brick look for the chimney by first painting it all white, then picking random bricks to paint a pink. I picked a pink that was a shade between the wall and ceiling color, then distressed it with the original white. The vintage vanity and blue buffet came from this year's Chandelier Barn Market Fall Show.

I always try to incorporate new with old, like this antique kitty toy. I love old things, we always talk about an item speaking to us. My family is always buying antique and vintage finds that we just can't leave behind. I never have a place for them when I buy them but they always end up finding their home in the most perfect way.

It's been a month now since Stella moved into her new room. And I believe she is 100% living her best life in Stella and Luna's Cats Meow...


Kara Lee

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