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Stetson House now on National Register Of Historic Places

2021 the year of recognization for the Stetson House. On May 24th 2021 the Shindler/Stetson House was added to the National Register of Historic Places and on April 14th 2021 was placed on Indiana's Register of Historic Sites and Structures.

According to SHOC (Saving Historic Orange County) This has been a DECADE long process which makes this a HUGE accomplishment! I am grateful for all their efforts in getting our now home on the registry.

Shown below is the article written in this weeks newspaper of "The Progress Examiner" explaining more in depth the process the SHOC went through to make this possible for our community. You can get your own copy of the Progress Examiner in most local businesses.

If you are interested in learning more about SHOC you can find them on Facebook at

I truly cannot express how much we love our home. Even though it is still a complete chaotic, construction zone mess, we all feel such peace here.

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