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The House that Hats Built

Sarah "Elizabeth" Shindler an Orleans native went to visit her Aunt and Uncle in Philadelphia. Sarah's Uncle happened to work at the world's largest hat factory owned by John B. Stetson. While visiting Sarah attended church with her Aunt and Uncle and caught the eye of Stetson.

After years of friendship John B. Stetson arrived by train to ask for "Elizabeth's" hand in marriage. Though there was a 30 year age difference the two fell in love and were married on April 9, 1883. As a gift, John B. Stetson had a home fabricated for his new in-laws in Philadelphia and shipped by rail along with a crew of carpenters in 1894.

Portrait of

John B. Stetson

Sarah "Elizabeth" Shindler Stetson

Elizabeth became heiress to the Stetson hat fortune after her husband’s death in 1906. After Stetson's passing Elizabeth married for the second time in 1908.

Elizabeth Shindler Stetson married her second husband, the Count of Santa Eulalia.

On that day Elizabeth became a Countess.

Below is a photo from their wedding day.

Philadelphia architect George T. Pearson is believed to have designed the Colonial Revival house

The house still stands today and features 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large back porch, Summer Kitchen, and 5.5 acres.

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