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The Monarch Room 🦋

Let me start by saying you never know where life is going to take you and sometimes I honestly can't believe this is where mine has taken me.

I have an office. Not just any office but one we created from the ground up. From patching the cracks in the walls, to hanging new drywall on the ceiling, then sanding the floors and refinishing them, to finally adding all those special finishing touches to make it my own.

I can't wait to show you guys the finished product but

I think it's always important to think back on where you started.

The process in each room is always the same.

Remove the 6-10 layers of wallpaper

Wash the Walls

Start Mudding the Cracks

Put up new Drywall on the Ceiling

Sand the Mud

Prime and Paint

Sand the floors

Stain and Poly the floors

Style the Room

Even though we know what to expect each time it never seems to get any easier.

Our biggest enemy is time.

Schedules are full, life is busy, and priorities shift from one day to the other.

But sometimes things just line up and we can turn something that has been taking us three months just to start into being finished in just a few weeks.

Painting is my favorite part.

I just love color.

Especially this time, because it's my favorite color, green

The best part is that I am never quite alone. My pets are always there keeping me company every step of the way.

Once the priming and painting is finished it's time for the floors. It seems like we always set some impossible deadline on ourselves. In this case Logan and I were sanding the floors in the dark in order to get them finished before I went out of town to a 3 day Photography Conference.

But it paid off and we were able to get the floors sanded, stained and polyurethaned before my trip.

When we finally get to this stage I know we are in the home stretch. It's time to put all this planning and styling into action. This time I knew I wanted to add wallpaper back to the room. I started my search before we even started the room and ended up having custom wallpaper from Poland shipped in. It is a huge butterfly and moth mural printed on vintage canvas.

We might have struggled a bit getting it on. But like most the time around here it turned into a family affair. It only took myself, my mother, my brother and my husband to get this paper hung. It was heavy, it was huge, and it was a larger under taking than originally expected.

Once the room was finished I was ready to fill it. YAY!! So I went to White River Arts and Antiques to see what treasures we could add.

I went there specifically to look at the vanity I had been eyeing for probably 6 months but ended up also finding the perfect china cabinet for my retro/boho vibe, and an Art Deco blanket to use as a rug!

So what can a girl do but buy all 3?!

I wanted to have as many special details as I could to fill my office. It was important to me to feel inspired there. Creativity comes from inspiration.

That's when I found the perfect clock. A Mid Century Modern Sunburst Wall Clock.

7 day wind up in working condition, with the key!

and the color was perfect.

I also find a lot of my items at the Robinson Auction. I can't tell you how much I enjoy them allowing you to bid online. For this introvert it is the perfect situation!

I also had several other finds I have picked up along the way that I knew I wanted to be a part of my office but I had no idea if I could make them all come together in one room.


I think it ended up working out pretty well...

I've been using this as my main editing space for a few months now and it's been an absolute dream.

It makes me feel all the right things. comfy. cozy. and inspired. -🤎

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