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The Rose Room

Welcome to the Rose Room.

The Rose Room is up the stairs on the east side of the house. It has amazing wood trim with a great view. It is one of the bigger bedrooms and has been hand picked by our oldest Lilah. She said she will always know who is coming over since she has a clear shot of both the road and the drive way.

This girl is so very excited to finally have her own room. She has only waited 10 long years for this!

We started peeling the wallpaper down over the last few days. Which sounds easier than it actually is. The wallpaper in this house was done really well with lots and lots of glue. We literally all stop and cheer when someone gets a large piece. Not to toot my own horn but I have really refined my technique and have been delivering some exceptionally large pieces.

Every member is working hard. Even the littlest Lee at 5 years old. She particularly enjoys going all the way up to the fourth step on the ladder.

Did I say every member? Well maybe not every member. You will quickly learn my doggies go where ever I go. Even when they have to make a bed out of peeled wall paper.

Did I forget to introduce the lady on the ladder? That's my Mom. She is the true wallpaper whisperer. I have learned from the best.

Stay tuned for our next adventures...

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