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Since moving here we have been greeted with so many well wishes.

Rather it's been in comments, emails, or through family members having so many positive vibes heading our way means so much!

Everyone has been so great that we have even acquired a few special items that I want to share with you all!

First up is a children's rocker and foot stool from Janet Fields.

Janet sent me a message saying she had bought a children's rocker from Betty's Estate Auction and she wanted it to come back to it's original home.

We were more than happy to do that and I was even more happy when I saw it!

It needed a little cleaning up and repair but that's something we could definitely handle!

My dad fixed a broken piece in the chair and Emmeline and I cleaned the entire chair with an upholstery cleaner that was suggested for antiques.

This chair is currently residing in the Dining Room but I am sure it will move around quite a bit as we start the restoring room by room.

Our next item is a Stetson Hat Box that came from Kelly Sage. She told me her Mom had acquired the Hat Box from an auction years ago. It is now residing in one of the original built-ins to the home.

I guess maybe the next thing I need to be on the look for is an antique Stetson Hat!

Thanks again ladies for thinking of us 🤎

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The little rocker and foot stool look great. You are doing a great job.


Love seeing this house come to life. It set empty too long.

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