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What exactly is a Summer Kitchen?

Summer Kitchen's were primarily used in the late-18th and early-19th centuries. Although there are a number of reasons for summer kitchen it is essentially an outbuilding to physically separate hot kitchen activities from the rest of the house during the summer months.

What other reason are there for a Summer Kitchen?

  1. to help avoid house fires

  2. to keep cooking smells from the rest of the home

  3. to do laundry and other less glamorous chores

Definition- small building or shed that is usually adjacent to the house and used as a kitchen in the warmer months

So what does the Summer Kitchen mean to me?

I hate to jinx myself but I HOPE it means a future office for Nostalgic by Kara Lee!

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1 Comment

Sandra Magner
Sandra Magner
Jan 03, 2021

So glad the house has a new vision and new owners!

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