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What's in the attic???

One of the many joys of owning a historical home is getting to explore every nook and cranny for treasures...

And as the saying goes, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

So let's get straight to the good stuff...

What did we find??

(And by we I mean my father)

A mysterious burlap sack that made it's way through the mail in ???

It's hard to say the year but I believe the stamp says 5 cents.

It took two men to open it.

It was extremely dusty.

It's a.......Children's Saddle

So what else did we unearth??

That some poor soul lost their marbles...

But don't worry we found them.

How about a typed letter from 1944 from the Orleans Girl Scout Troop to the Girl Scout Executives for their dues of $7.50?

The List of Orleans Residents reads

  1. Jane Chastine

  2. Dora May Cloud

  3. Helen Dawson

  4. Mary Jane Denton

  5. Betty Foutch

  6. Dolores Hackney

  7. Kathleen Hayes

  8. Jean Heise

  9. Imogene Newlin

  10. Julia Strange

  11. Mary Lou Strange

  12. Eleanor Trogh

  13. Mary Ann Troth

Recognize any of these names? Feel Free to comment below! It's easy just sign in via Facebook or a Google Account to leave a comment 😊

I leave you all now with a mystery....that's not all we found....

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