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Window Care 101

How important are storm windows? I honestly never gave them much thought before today. But now I believe they are essential to my happiness.

So our Bedroom happens to be on the front side of the house next to the highway. At night it sounded like the traffic was literally roaring straight towards me.

I thought this was just how it was going to be.

I thought maybe I would grow to love it.

I could eventually get used to hearing the sound night after night right?

I mean people use sound machines for this very reason ya' know!

Patience, I thought.

I couldn't understand why every other room in the house was quiet.

I heard little to no road noise in the entire rest of the house.

But then on my morning stroll of walking the dogs I looked up to realize our window was the only one with a screen and not a storm window.

Light bulb goes off.

Maybe this is why the highway is SOOOO looouuuddd in just our room.

That day we took to the windows!

We made sure each storm window in every room was closed properly.

We also went ahead swept out the years of debris while we were at it.

(Yet again by "we" I really mean the hubs pictured above)

Even my tripod came in handy as the official "Window holder upper"

Now I sleep like a baby.

And I will never again underestimate the power of a storm window.

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